Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Watch - The Terrys

A short film by Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim - Score written by Flying Lotus.

Premiering this weekend.

Monday, March 21, 2011

blahnket recommends - Koreless 4D/MTI 12"

19 year old Lewis Roberts aka 'Koreless' hails from the musically emerging town of Glasgow which has brought us both Dam Mantle and Hudson Mohawke in recent times.  Today marks his debut 12", 4D/MTI released under Pictures Music.  The release adds another much appreciated drop in the evolving dubstep ocean, Koreless brings his minimal 2 step style to our ears with his distinct sound characterised in this release by a graceful but lusting female vocal and a sense of space which he masterfully creates.  The tracks are simplistic in style yet dynamic in their effect, having the ability to accompany headphones or the club floor alike.

Do yourself a favour and get on this.

Recommended listening - taking your pet duck heli-skiing

Saturday, March 19, 2011

- b l a h n k e t - welcomes Bornagen Baldwin

b l a h n k e t, is happy to announce a welcome addition to the blog. Nashville duo Bornagen Baldwin have been producing beats for the past 5 years, discovering their passion from screwing around on 'Garageband' and seeing their musical appetite very quickly grow they switched over to 'Reason' and a whole new world of musical creativity.  When asked what they want to find in their music they answered “We want to find satisfaction for that itch in the back of our brain that just can’t be scratched without music. We want to satisfy that itch for others as well and that’s why we continue on. Everyone needs time to just close your eyes and let the sounds relax you, and we hope we can do that for people.”

For Bornagen Baldwin that itch is satisfied most when Herrmutt Lobby, Boards of Canada, eLan, Bibio, Groundislava, and Lone are being spun.  Their own sound reflects these influences leaving a progressing warm wash of dope beats that are all too easy to sink right into whilst keeping you a'move.  With their album due out this year (review on blanket soon) there should be at least one eye kept on this name.

This track 'Busted Notes' is off their forthcoming album, cop the download and check the rest of their stuff on soundcloud.

 Busted Notes by Bornagen Baldwin 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mount Kimbie @ Goodgod Small Club

Wednesday the 9th of March, the beginning of Autumn was fittingly the night Mount Kimbie would play their first Sydney show.  An impressive performance, their setlist recognisable but with constant ad-libing in a loose semi experimental fashion.  They displayed great chemistry on stage constantly swapping instruments showcasing their diversity.  'Before I Move Off' produced an expected highlight of the night delivered in a unexpected way, the formula to the song being shaken up to provide a heavier more intense rendition.  There was a taste of Mount Kimbie flavoured hip hop which seemed to be created off the cuff at the fading tail of 'Ode to Bear' which was right on point.  Wrapping up the night 'Maybes' seemed to rise from echoing synths to deliver that clean distinct style that has won them so many admirers.

A fine night that seemed to be ever-changing and forming on stage, leaving a general mood of introspection admist even the most bass ridden passages.

Also special mention to local Sydney act Seekae, they provided a first class support, check them out if you haven't heard... Seekae - 3

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Flare & Ghost - Burma Dissonant

Check out the incredible photos and story of the stirring undercurrent of Burma, viewed through the fascinating and developing music scene.

Flare and Ghost - Burma Dissonant 

Be sure to follow 'Flare and Ghost' if you dig as he will be surfacing some interesting stories through stunning photography from all over the world.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Brother and The Tiger.

A hint of what is to come from Kure' of Onetalk's new release, the Takoda EP.
due out mid 2011.