Saturday, March 19, 2011

- b l a h n k e t - welcomes Bornagen Baldwin

b l a h n k e t, is happy to announce a welcome addition to the blog. Nashville duo Bornagen Baldwin have been producing beats for the past 5 years, discovering their passion from screwing around on 'Garageband' and seeing their musical appetite very quickly grow they switched over to 'Reason' and a whole new world of musical creativity.  When asked what they want to find in their music they answered “We want to find satisfaction for that itch in the back of our brain that just can’t be scratched without music. We want to satisfy that itch for others as well and that’s why we continue on. Everyone needs time to just close your eyes and let the sounds relax you, and we hope we can do that for people.”

For Bornagen Baldwin that itch is satisfied most when Herrmutt Lobby, Boards of Canada, eLan, Bibio, Groundislava, and Lone are being spun.  Their own sound reflects these influences leaving a progressing warm wash of dope beats that are all too easy to sink right into whilst keeping you a'move.  With their album due out this year (review on blanket soon) there should be at least one eye kept on this name.

This track 'Busted Notes' is off their forthcoming album, cop the download and check the rest of their stuff on soundcloud.

 Busted Notes by Bornagen Baldwin 

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