Monday, March 21, 2011

blahnket recommends - Koreless 4D/MTI 12"

19 year old Lewis Roberts aka 'Koreless' hails from the musically emerging town of Glasgow which has brought us both Dam Mantle and Hudson Mohawke in recent times.  Today marks his debut 12", 4D/MTI released under Pictures Music.  The release adds another much appreciated drop in the evolving dubstep ocean, Koreless brings his minimal 2 step style to our ears with his distinct sound characterised in this release by a graceful but lusting female vocal and a sense of space which he masterfully creates.  The tracks are simplistic in style yet dynamic in their effect, having the ability to accompany headphones or the club floor alike.

Do yourself a favour and get on this.

Recommended listening - taking your pet duck heli-skiing

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