Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mount Kimbie @ Goodgod Small Club

Wednesday the 9th of March, the beginning of Autumn was fittingly the night Mount Kimbie would play their first Sydney show.  An impressive performance, their setlist recognisable but with constant ad-libing in a loose semi experimental fashion.  They displayed great chemistry on stage constantly swapping instruments showcasing their diversity.  'Before I Move Off' produced an expected highlight of the night delivered in a unexpected way, the formula to the song being shaken up to provide a heavier more intense rendition.  There was a taste of Mount Kimbie flavoured hip hop which seemed to be created off the cuff at the fading tail of 'Ode to Bear' which was right on point.  Wrapping up the night 'Maybes' seemed to rise from echoing synths to deliver that clean distinct style that has won them so many admirers.

A fine night that seemed to be ever-changing and forming on stage, leaving a general mood of introspection admist even the most bass ridden passages.

Also special mention to local Sydney act Seekae, they provided a first class support, check them out if you haven't heard... Seekae - 3

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