Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rustie - All Nite

This single is from Rustie's forthcoming release 'Glass Swords' which is due out October 10th
  Rustie - All Nite (taken from Glass Swords) by Rustie

Monday, August 29, 2011

NeatBeats - Cosmic Surgery

This is something you should seriously consider purchasing. San Diego born Alvin Fenner is NeatBeats.  Fenner has been busy perfecting this debut album for some time now but it sounds like the wait has been well worth it; 'Cosmic Surgery' is an astonishingly emotive album which is unbelievable in both it's ambition and execution.

It's due out September 1st

'I hope I think of bike riding when I'm dying' is the closing track and sounds like a jazz fueled time machine. It is unique to the album like every track on Cosmic Surgery manages to be, without hindering the continuity of the overall album.

Ambassadeurs - Come a Little Closer

Ambassadeurs comes out of Brighton and his forthcoming EP looks to be something to get excited about after listening to Rossler Master, a track from 'Come a Little Closer'.

Download Rossler Master here Free!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

B.Lewis - PLUG

Free EP release from San Fransisco based B.Lewis you should definitely take advantage of

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bahwee - Sketches

Time to get excited.

MyHollowDrum veteran Bahwee has released, yet another, killer free album. Featuring 19 tracks, with varying styles of beats throughout them all, this album brings full release value, for no cash at all. The track Hold Me Tight brings the fantastic good vibe, mellow feel that Bahwee can nail like a champ. With chopped samples, light synths, and head bobbing percussion, it is a definite highlight of the album. Other tracks, such as Mmhmm and
The 80s, let us know that he isn't afraid of trying something new. Mmhmm shows a more funk, dance side, while The 80s shows a simplistic 80s electronic side.

Download the album here.

Earl Sweatshirt - Earl

Earl Sweatshirt might only be 17 years of age, but he happens to have the lyrical prowess of a long time emcee.
His debut studio album, Earl, more than shows what this young cat is capable of. The title track, Earl, brings back the dying dark rap style that is missing nowadays. From decomposing bodies, to drugging your drink for the hell of it, he shows no mercy when it comes to delivering his message.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a real way to get his album, seeing that the official release has been taken off the internet.

In the mean time, here is the link to his collective's blog OFWGKTA.

You might get lucky. :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

eLan - Alligator Snaps EP

eLan is back with his nasty new EP, Alligator Snaps.
This 5 track heater not only shows that eLan can put out multiple killer EPs in one year, it shows that he can do it in more than one style. The title track, Alligator Snaps, flows with a more dance style of beat that is new to eLan's repertoire. The heavy hitting, harmonizing centric Hunting Season, shows that he is still a force to be reckon with in the Lo-Fi Downtempo scene.

Pick it up now on the Modeselektor Web Shop and iTunes.

Raid System Guest Mix #002 - eLan


01. Little Dragon - Nightlight
02. eLan - Alligator Snaps
03. Balam Acab - My Boo (Ghost Town DJs)
04. Mike Gao - Run Before You Wake Up
05. Salva - That Girl (Pharrell ft. Snoop Dogg)
06. Crime Killz - Humansuit (Mike Gao Remix)
07. eLan - Foolish (Ashanti)
08. Ohbliv - Glaised
09. Illuminauts - Animo!
10. eLan - Wanna Be Down (Brandy)
11. mndsgn - It's Just 1 (Amerie)
12. 14KT - Cherished (Mawkus Loves Teedra Blend)
13. AbJo - That Supernatural Love
14. Lapalux - Luxurious (Gwen Stefani)
15. eLan - Mina
16. Pollyn - How Small We Are (eLan's Remix)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This Brooklyn based label/collective boasts some real talent which can be heard on this FREE compilation.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Brock Berrigan - April's Neck Brace

Brock Berrigan is back! This piece of heart is something I strongly recommend buying, you can name your own price though.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


San Francisco based beatsmith Thriftworks has been consistently producing some great music over the past couple of years, the latest effort you can download free below.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jonwayne - Thanks, Bro

Very cool from Jonwayne to give us all his scraps that never made it to release, there is also a little bonus insight into each track that's worthwhile to have a look at attached to the zip file.

I want you to have this.
This download contains songs that I wanted to give you but either due to poor timing, politics or my sad attempt at quality control, never did. But here I am. and here you are. and here are these songs that I want to give you.
I give them for free now because they are no longer
relevant to what I’m trying to do at the moment. I am
working on different sounds and trying to go to different
places than the sounds and places that are presented, here.
So take them. I’ve supplied a bit of reading material
for each track, just to let you know what was going on
when I made it and all

If you haven't heard Jonwayne yet then:

Monday, August 15, 2011

Weirddough - Weird Weather EP

Sexy shit + free download on the page :)

blahnket presents SAMIYAM @ The Clubhouse, Canberra

The Clubhouse and b l a h n k e t are over the moon with excitement in welcoming a living legend to perform in our part of the world. Ann Arbor native, Samiyam (born Sam Baker) moved to Los Angeles in 2006. In his short time out West, he has become one of the city's most progressive and recognized producers, a man who has spearheaded the revival of interest in instrumental hip-hop music over the last few years. Baker's Rap Beats Vol.1 collection was the very first release on Brainfeeder. He has also collaborated with old friend Flying Lotus as Flyamsam as well as having releases on Hyperdub and Poo-Bah records.

"The intellectual offspring of David Cronenberg and the RZA, but specially touched by Michael Jackson." - LA Record

"Hip Hop beats filled with snippets of Soul, Funk, 70's Italian horror flick soundtracks, Nintendo bonus level music, and 90's Hip Hop. Somehow, with this much content, the beats still manage to sound gloriously minimal and disjointed." - Dazed and Confused

"Warped out and offbeat, his beats are a piece of art."- Jneiro Jarel (Shape Of Broad Minds, Lex Records)



From the new album Rummage To Royalty

Skeleton Zoo

Skeleton Zoo are two producers from the U.S.  They have put together an EP which holds a place for an undemanding yet intriguing listen. We hope to hear more from this duo as their sound progresses.

Send us your music - 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fitz Ambro$e - PDISO REMIXED

One of the best albums from 2010, Fitz Ambro$e's PDISO returns with a few new styles.

With remixes by eLan, Mndsgn, Dibiase, Ahnnu, and Ichiro_, this remix album is one of the strongest in recent memory. eLan brings the usual lo-fi 80s off-beat heat, and Ichiro_ shows that he can run a track with the best of them. Dibiase's remix shows why he was the winner of the 2010 Los Angeles Red Bull Big Tune Battle, with heavy percussion and his usual knack for the dirty, yet clean mixing style.

Don't pass up on this one, its a monster.

Download it here.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


From Bradford UK, TheHashFinger has some real nice sounds on this free release

Slugabed Mix

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ackryte/Culprit - The Boot D

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Zach Christ

Zach Christ is from Denmark, he has created some incredible music of late.  Considering he is only 17, I think it is a safe call to say that we can expect big things in the future.

Free download

Monday, August 1, 2011

Gajah - Man the Ship EP

Gajah returns with "Man The Ship" from Acid Lab Records!

Featuring beats from -b l a h n k e t-'s own Bornagen Baldwin, along with instrumental masterminds Herrmutt Lobby, Por
tformat, and Neo.Judas.

Giving people a taste of lyrical fierceness, Gajah holds nothing back in his first solo release since 2009's stellar "Missleaneous". One listen to Sound Blast (produced by Herrmutt Lobby) and you'll know Gajah means business.

Download it for free here!

Gajah - Man the Ship