Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jonwayne - Thanks, Bro

Very cool from Jonwayne to give us all his scraps that never made it to release, there is also a little bonus insight into each track that's worthwhile to have a look at attached to the zip file.

I want you to have this.
This download contains songs that I wanted to give you but either due to poor timing, politics or my sad attempt at quality control, never did. But here I am. and here you are. and here are these songs that I want to give you.
I give them for free now because they are no longer
relevant to what I’m trying to do at the moment. I am
working on different sounds and trying to go to different
places than the sounds and places that are presented, here.
So take them. I’ve supplied a bit of reading material
for each track, just to let you know what was going on
when I made it and all

If you haven't heard Jonwayne yet then:

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