Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Transplant - 2095

Transplant (formerly known as Fence Tompkins), one of the founding members of blanket, and my best friend passed away a couple of days ago while in rehab.

John had been unable to use his computer or make music for some time due to various commitments.  After returning to Sydney and being free to do as he please, Johnny went on a bender only he was capable of and ended up in hospital, and decided to voluntarily check himself into rehab.  A couple of days ago he phoned me asking when the next blanket cd was due because he had started on a track, I told him there are a few things to work out before hand, and said why don't you work towards an EP, the following day I travelled back to Sydney and payed him a visit before he was admitted to rehab, he already had the 5 tracks that were to be polished once he got out. The next morning at around 6am he was unresponsive and could not be resuscitated.

This is his final work, please respect, this is very special to me and shows the smallest glimpse of what was going to be a waterfall of creativity that had only just begun.

Love you always, you'll be in everything I do

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