Monday, April 18, 2011

blahnket recommends - Airhead

If you haven't had a listen to Airhead yet I can't prepare you for the delight your ears/imagination are about to experience.

The young Londoner is school pals with none other than James Blake, and the two have been involved musically together for past years.  The pair released a 10" together in March 2010 under UK label BRAiNMATH entitled 'Pembroke/Lock In The Lion'. Airhead and Blake share the same post-dubstep/R&B brilliance, however Airhead's production is more ambient having a stronger focus on linking textures with space to create a vastly astonishing end result.  'Paper Street' is a single that he released on his myspace in late 2010 and is absolutely breathtaking, with it's seemingly impossible melody crafted from layers of staggered organic sounds.  His much anticipated debut album entitled 'Empty 9-volts' has been very long awaited, the release date is still unknown but we believe it to be right around the corner.

Empty 9-volts Tracklist:
  1. Plastic Wind
  2. Walden
  3. Coffee & Yoghurt
  4. Masami
  5. Milkola Bottle
  6. Roof & Tiles
  7. Empty 9 Volts
  8. Crushed Peel
  9. Azure Race
  10. Even Frost
  11. Paper Street

If you want to get more of a taste of what's to come (of course you do!) check out his unbelievable  Electronic Explorations Mix where a few of the tracks off his forthcoming album appear. Download is available too.

recommended listening - taking a stroll on the northern lights

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