Saturday, January 15, 2011

Filthy Ingredients - Sea Water (2010)

Filthy Ingredients is an experimental electronic producer from Melbourne that i know practically nothing about. But is identity important when it comes to music? A lot of artists nowadays seem to keep their identity hidden or quiet, which i suppose allows us to focus more on the music rather than the personalities and lives of those creating it. And boy, is this music something to focus on.

'Sea Water' (released late last year) is full of rich lo-fi ambient tones, interesting (and often unsettling) samples and unconventional percussion. It easily fits into the whole glitchy/future beats scene, but is full of originality and fresh sounds. There are tracks like 'Tarpan' that combine heavily-reverbed guitar recordings with soft percussion, while tracks like 'Guatemala' have a spookier feel, utilizing quirky samples and swirling synth lines. There are plenty of beats that get your head moving, but the album seems more focused on creating a very strange and earthy atmosphere. Most of the 14 tracks are short, but full of surprises; its one of those albums that makes you stop, listen and appreciate every delicious detail. It is a truly amazing listen, and Filthy Ingredients has left a great mark in an ocean of beatmakers.

You can download 'Sea Water' for free here:

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